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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Longhorn Caverns - Texas

I enjoy visiting caverns and there are several in Texas.  Some are pretty, some are unique, some are small, some are large and some have interesting history.  Longhorn Caverns near Burnet in the Texas Hill Country is a cavern with some history.

During the Civil War bat guano was mined to make gun powder.  A legend concerning the outlaw Sam Bass states Sam hid money from his activities in the cave.  Another story is told of a recuse of a kidnapped girl taken by Indians who hid in the cave.
Tour visit the large room
One of the interesting and unique formations
The stories surrounding the caverns led tourist to the area to see the sites.  By the 1020's the main room of the cave was being used as a dance hall and a place for concerts. 
Boys standing at the gated entrance to the cavern
In the late 1930's the cavern and many acres around it became a state park and open to the public.  In 1971 it was designated a National Natural Landmark.
Colorful formations

A dumbwaiter used the hole above to lower dishes and food during events in the main room. 

Entry to Longhorn Caverns
Longhorn Cavern sits inside the 645 acres Longhorn Cavern State Park and is open every day except Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  Tours for the most part happen hourly (schedule changes during the winter - link to schedule and fees).

Footprint from an unknown human hardened in the stone
Next time you are in the Texas Hill Country stop by the Longhorn Cavern SP and enjoy the cavern.

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