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Friday, March 5, 2010

Hiking in the rain or snow.

There are few things worse than hiking with wet clothes.  Having quality waterproof yet breathable outwear is a top priority for me.  I don't won't to be caught in a precipitation without my ARC'TERYX Theta SV bib pants made with GORE-TEX.

The Theta SV pants have a high waist and a stretch back pannel that provides a snug, but comfortable fit.  It took me a couple of times of wearing them to get use to the high waist.  The waist band is adjustable which is really nice and the adjustable suspenders makes custom fitting easy.  The zippers on the pant legs zip about 3/4 of the way up making getting them on and off easily with hiking boats on.

The pants are made from what GORE-TEX calls Pro Shell fabric.  It is the same fabric used in their Pro Shell Men's jacket.  The fabric is stiffer than what I am accustomed to and it makes more noise than most fabrics, but the upside is worth it.

The pants are reinforced in strategic areas so that they will last longer.  The knees are cut and sewn in a way that makes the bending of the knees smooth and comfortable.  The fly zipper, the leg zippers, and the pocket zippers are all water-proof.  You can more info from the ARC'TERYX site.

I have actually worn the pants while riding my motorcycle in the rain and they are, as ARC'TERYX claims, waterproof as well as being great at cutting the wind!

Hiking or riding the Theta SV bib pants are comfortable and they will keep you dry while being breathable.  This is only the second outwear garment I have made from GORE-TEX, but it will not be my last.

I am also impressed with ARC'TERYX.  The pants are my only product from ARC'TERYX, but I will look at their products when I am shopping in the future.