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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Staying dry

Staying dry while outside is usually important unless you are involved in a water sport/activity. There are many options on the market today so finding the right waterproof jacket can take time.

I wanted a light waterproof (not water-resistant) and breathable shell so that I could layer up as needed.  After some research I chose the GORE-TEX Men's Pro Shell.

This jacket weights about 17 oz.  The cuffs are adjustable using the hook and loop fastener to allow maximum customization.  Once tight the cuffs keep rain and wind off of the arms.  The hood has a small "lip" under the bill so that you can hook it over your cap and it will not slide forward or backwards and it keeps the bill of the jacket ridged and shielding the face.

There are two zippered chest pockets on the outside, one inside zippered pocket on the left side, and zippered venting under the arms.  All six zippers work smoothly and easily.  The waist and the hood have drawstrings to allow customized fitting.

The jacket is a great protector against the wind and provides exceptional protection against rain.   I have found it easy to add layers under the shell when needed.

The fabric has been durable and comfortable although it makes a slight rubbing sound. Water beads up and rolls off the fabric.   The tight weave of the fabric makes it very snag-resistant.

I have worn the jacket in heavy and light rain, in calm weather and in windy conditions.  I love it.  It is a great jacket and I highly recommend this high quality jacket.  It will keep you dry while not adding a lot of weight or bulk.  Give it a try.

Disclosure: I test some products for Gore

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